Personal Protection

  • Whether you have little to no self defense training, it doesn't take years to learn real self-defense, it takes days. If you have taken any other martial arts training classes, our system will help you fill in the blanks and add to your toolbox. This IS real-world training.

  • Topics Include:

    Crime Survival

    Self Defense / Personal Protection Course

    Knife Survival

    Home Invasion / Hostal Intruder Plan & Response

    Improvised Weapons

    Stick Fighting for the Streets

    Active Shooter

Crime Survival

Personal protection is more than just learning how to defend yourself in a street fight. Today's conflict you'll probably have to survive a robbery, carjacking, or some level of gang violence, assault & battery, chemical attack or improvised explosive bomb device.

You'll need to know more than just kicking and punching to survive any potentail current conflict. We will teach you how criminals select their vicitims, how to detect a criminal surveillance and escape one, how to put yourself in a position of advantage in any environment and most of all how to survive. You will learn through our realistic conflict rehearsal how to remember a suspect description, how to identify evidence and preserve a crime scene, what to say to the police and court room survival. We will show you no nonsense gun disarms at point-blank range and even how to survive when the makes a gun disarm near impossible.


Self Defense / Personal Protection

Combative Fighting Arts - Personal Protection Street

Our Self Defense / Personal Protection course combines today's martial arts training. We will teach you how to defend yourself against an armed and unarmed attacker. You will learn to use your hands, feet, knees, elbows along with building your personal awareness skills. We will place you in real-world scenarios. This proven method will educate you in what you are capable of and help you to discover the skills you need to strengthen.


Home Invasion / Hostile Intruder

Combative Fighting Arts - Home Invasion Hostile Intruder

As we know a home invasion is one of the worst experiences that can happen to any family, most criminals committing home invasions violently and intend to do harm to any occupent they encounter. We intend to put you through several scenarios that will help you develop the skill set and mind set that will help you create a defense plan for you and your family should you ever fall prey to a dangerous hostile intruder.

We can hold the class at your facility or one of our choosing. We also offer a class where we come to your facility as a lunch time event and learn through lecture and visualization without the hands-on experience.


Improvised Weapons

Combative Fighting Arts - Imporvised Weapons

Never again be in a situation that you feel unarmed and can't defend yourself. In our Improvised Weapons class you will learn invaluable life saving skills that may get you out of an endangering situation.  You will learn the basics of identifying everyday common objects and how to use them to your advantage in simple to follow effective ways. Your security and safety is our primary goal throughout this class.

Course Objectives:

Help you to discover everyday common objects and instruct you in proper and simple techniques to defend yourself in any situation.


Stick Fighting for the Streets

Combative Fighting Arts Stick Fight for Street

It is extemely important to understand that Stick Fighting for the Streets is NOT the same as competition stick fighting. There are no refs, there ae no rounds. There is literally only survival.

You'll be instructed by a well-known stick fighter known as "Scrappy Dog" from the world famous stick fighters, Dog Brothers - Mr. Mike Delio. Mr. Delio will teach you what it takes to survive a street fight with a stick. This is a no-nonsense class with several "flow" drills. These teachings have one purpose - do whatever it takes to survive.

Course Objective:

We will teach you the skills to survive a stick fight in the streets. We will also empower you with the knowledge and courage that you will be able to protect yourself.


Active Shooter

CFA Active Shooter on Campus

An active shooter is an individual or group of individuals engaging in an attempt to kill as many people as possible until they become eliminated or disarmed. In most cases, the active shooters use firearms and have no thought process when it comes to picking their victims. They are usually unpredictable and can end quickly or may even drag on for several hours.

Are you ready when the next active shooter event happens? Are you prepared mentally and phisically? What do you do? We will provide you with several answers to those questions. We believe citizens should do whatever they can to prepare for active shooter events and also give themselves the power to make their own live saving decisions. The worst actions to make is no action at all. You must act.We first start with classroom instruction them move rapidly into real world action scenarios. At the end of the class you will participate in an FTX field training exercise. This will be followed by an AAR after action review and individual evaluation and Q&A session.

Optionally, we offer a no hands-on classroom only environment PowerPoint open discussion session. This class can be held at your facility (business, school, dorm, lecture hall or private residence). These more personal class environments are a effective format for your employees/coworkers/family members to become comfortable in making the proper decisions if ever faced with an active shooter event.

Course Objectives:

Education and training on the best mental and physical actions to take place when confronted with an active shooter as well as responding to local law-enforcement.

Knife Survival

Combative Fighting arts Knife Behind Back

This course will teach you how to survive a realistic knife attack.

The knife is one of the most common instruments used in today's world. The factual result is most people have knifes on them. Studies prove that you are more likely to be attacked with a knife than most any other weapon. It is highly probable you will not even see the blade the attacker is yielding before it is too late. Keeping a keen awareness at all times is crucial. This does not mean you should be paranoid, you should be prepared and that is what this couse will do. Prepare you.

A realistic knife fight will last approximately 3 to 5 seconds. The attacker most often has the element of surprise in their advantage and can strike several times before you know what is really happening. If someone pulls out a blade, you can be certain it is not with good intentions.

We teach you to gain compliance by tenderization. To diminish the attackers attack against you. We show you how to recognize an opening and opportunity where you can attack back and survive. You will spar with everyone in the class to better understand the level of preparedness you have and where you can better strengthen your survival skills. By identifying the weak areas, we can apply more emphasis on your becoming a well rounded survivor of a knife attack.

Course Objectives:

Learn to identify where most attacks come from and what to be aware of

Instruct on knife grips, stances and holds

Leran to defend against an attacker with your empty hands or any other weapon

Help you to develop the lion within when needed to survive