Corporate / Workplace

  • Combative Fighting Arts Corporate Workplace Training

    Workplace training tailored for the private sector or every-day company. We provide training for your employees that may one day save thier lives. Valuable skill sets to use at work, home or while traveling.

  • Combative Fighting Arts Corporate Worplace Classroom

    Self Defense, Site Hardening & Security, Crime Awareness, Active Shooter, Site Surveillance, Emergency Action Plans, Scenario Training and Custom Tailored Activities.


Comabtive Fighting Arts Corporate workplace on-site

From every day role players to test your work place or family security to full-scale Oppositional Forces and Red-Cell / probing Teams. Individuals, squad-size teams up to larger numbers when requested are avbilable. All experienced military and field trade operators.

Combative Fighting Arts Corporate Workplace Active Shooter

Corporate Workplace Active Shooter

Combative Fighting Arts Corporate Firearms Training

Training at your actual location is one of the best ways to ensure realistic training and response for your employees.