• I never thought I could learn so much in one day while having so much fun at the same time! It was one of the best things I have dome my entire life - Thank You !
    Debbie B. -, Housewife / Proud mother of 2
  • The confidence I gained by taking one of Combative Fighting Arts Blade Boot Camp classes has made me feel much more confortable and secure when I sometimes have to stay late at the office...
    Amanda S. -, Single Mother
  • One of the best courses in self defense I have attended...and I have attended quite a few different ones. Awesome focus and attention to detail. Not sure if I will ever get the lipstick smell out of my memory...lol!
    Dave G. -, field officer
  • Drove down from Northern California just to attend a CFA Blade Boot Camp that came highly recommended by a fellow officer. I could not tell the CFA Team enough how impressed and ecstatic I was with the extended hand-to-hand and edged weapons extended training I took back with me to Northern Cal. Well worth the drive even after a double shift I pulled. Wasn't sure I was going to go but truly glad I did. My many thanks to a top notch Team at CFA.
    Peter D. , Law Enforcement Officer

Training Topics

Be sure to check out our CFA Seminars & Training Calendar

We are well versed in a variety of different defensive training disciplines. Our trainors and instructors are very active in their area of speciality from martial arts to active military to law enforcement and advanced survival training skills.

Throughout this website you will engage in many areas of defense tactics and training techniques. We encourage you to not only seek and find valuable information pertaining to a particular topic of interest, but rather to engage and participate in your continued safety and survival through active participation in one or many of our on-going regularly scheduled seminars and training classes. We offer group, private and corporate trainings held at our facility or at yours. We want you to be comfortable and focused as you build upon your field of self defense or survival study. Dedication and focus are the key elements to your success. We hope to see you soon.

Course Offerings

  • Edged Weapons and Blade Defense

  • Military / Law Enforcement / Combatives

  • Firearms & Tactical Shooting / Carbine

  • Corporate Workplace Hands-On Safety

  • Personal Protection / Self Defense

  • Terrorism Survival / Hostile Intruder

  • Female Survival / Self Defense Empowerment

  • Traditional Systems / Martial Arts

  • Private Lessons/Small Group/Family