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  • Combative Fighting Arts Military Law L1


    We have trained over 4000 military personnel and perfected our discipline to be one of the most time effective, skill developing & team-building training offered today
  • Combative Fighting Arts Military Law L2

    We offer courses for personnel at all levels from beginner to advanced operator. Testing and drilling are done in real time with real scenarios designed to simulate personal combat all completed in a safe learning environment while developing life-saving tactical skills. Your training will be customized to class size, fieldwork and area of operation. We also adhere to multi-agency participation when needed.

Our Class Offerings

Combative Fighting Arts Military training

We are more than just a "Go / No Go Training Checklist"  - We are here to provide you with the tools, tactics and precise attitude needed to survive an enemy attack.

Combative Fighting Arts Military Training

Throughout our training courses, we will teach and challenge participants various drills, scenario exercises and "wound tracking sparing". You will be instructed on specific skills of light distractions, limb restrictions and vision obstruction enabling you to survive the vast majority of dangerous situations or hostile environments.

Combative Fighting Arts Military Trainign Line

Throughout our numerous training classes we have acquired unsolicited recommendations and referrals from military units, enforcement officers and security and personal protection agencies. NOTE: Referral letters are provided by request and are commensurate with the level requesting.

Combative Fighting Arts - Edged Weapons Training Andre
Combative Fighting Arts - Edged Weapons Training Andre
Combative Fighting Arts -Zip Tie Cuffs MikeD
Combative Fighting Arts -Edged Weapon Military Training
Combative Fighting Arts -Military Edged Weapons Training
Combative Fighting Arts -Andre Military Edged Weapons Traininig