Female Survival

  • We provide you with hands-on Real World Self Defense training. This is not a martial class. Instead, it is an easy to understand & simple to apply with effective techniques that may one day save your life.

    Learn self-defense tactics and techniques to help you recognize and reduce everyday threats.

    Increase your awareness of your surroundings and learn to reduce your exposure to potentially dangerous situations.

  • Center of Self Defense Group Class

    We teach you defensive concepts and techniques against various types of assaults by utilizing simple proven successful self-defense tactics. Empower yourself with self-defense strategies, non-violent conflict resolution skills as well as safety education and conflict avoidance.

Our special Offers

Center of Self Defense Cori Kubaton

These are moves and techniques that anyone can apply.

Center of Self Defense Mace

Learn awareness skills that will enable you to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Center of Self Defense Class

Combative Fighting Arts Self Defence Training Class