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Combative Fightings Arts at the Crossroads of the West

We have been attending the Crossroads of the West Gun Show at the Orange County Fairgrounds for several years. We always enjoy this event not only for meeting and greeting the many like-minded individuals who attend but for the lasting relationships we build from all those that stop by our booth.

We offer many self-defense products and a variety of course trainings both private and open classes. Stop by to garb some product and support our cause. We hope to see you at our booth soon. Thanks...CFA Staff

Upcoming 2017 Crossroads of the West Gun Show Orange County

  • Combative Fighting Arts Blade Boot Camp

    Blade Boot Camp

  • Combative Fighting Arts Terrorism Survival

    Upcoming Terrorism Survival

  • Combative Fighting Arts Firearms Trainng

    Upcoming Firearms Training

  • Combative Fighting Arts Female Survival Training

    Upcoming Female Survival

  • Combative Fighting Arts AMOK Training

    Upcoming AMOK! Training

  • Combative Fighting Arts Corporate Workplace Training

    Upcoming Corporate Workplace Training

  • Combative Fighting Arts Advance Blade

    Upcoming Advanced Blade

  • Combative Fighting Arts Military Edged Weapons Training

    Upcoming Military Edged Weapons Training