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    Important considerations in learning knife defense skills:

    There are "experts" that say nearly all knife attacks begin as a one-sided assault; we believe that to be very accurate. As a result of this fact, they conclude there is no point in studying and learning knife-to-knife skills; we believe this to be a very in-accurate point of view.

    This is why AMOK! places a strong premium on developing skills to access your weapon while under attack. We have trained dozens of individuals who were attacked, who were able to access their weapon and turn the one-sided assault into a knife-to-knife encounter in which they prevailed every time.

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    Here's an AMOK! adage: " The chance of a knife-to-knife encounter is directly proportional to your accessing skill."

    When you are empty-handed, the most effective actions used to deal with changing chaos and counter-strike an attacker are the very same blade-based actions used in knife-to-knife encounters with the exception being your hand is not armed. Consequently, we do not have to learn a completely different set of techniques and skill sets. And this holds true not just for empty-hands but also for all hand-held weapons.

AMOK! Training Techniques

Combative Fighting Arts AMOK! Global Edged Weapon training

AMOK! Training Framework

AMOK! supplies the tactical framework studied and used by many training philosophies:

"One mind: all weapons"

With one set of blade-based actions, we can learn to fight with any weapon or empty-handed against any weapon or opposing empty-hands.


Combative Fighting Arts AMOK! Global Edged Weapon training


Learn the ways and means of using force to repel violence with tactically-sound and court-defensible training to achieve best possible outcomes when protecting yourself and loved ones from criminal attacks.


Combative Fighting Arts AMOK! Blade Defense


 Force options include using a knife, stick, improvised instruments and empty hands tactics to prevail against violent weapons attacks when outnumbered, when outsized or when at other disadvantages.

Combative Fighting Arts AMOK! Class Training

AMOK! Class Groups

AMOK! is not a martial art. There are no ranks, titles or uniforms.

Combative Fighting Arts AMOK! Gun Blade Training

AMOK!  Edged Weapon vs. Gun Training

Having a gun does not always mean you are ready to shoot. What if you run out of amo or your gun jams?    ...learn to use your firearms as an impact combative weapon.

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AMOK! Edged Weapons Defense